Chili Powder Seasoning and Dry Rub

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Brand: Big G's


  • BIG 5.5-ounce Bottle of Big G's Famous Chili Powder!!
  • This Will Add Extreme Flavor Any Meal...Especially Your Homemade Chili....
  • Made with The Finest Ingredients...High Quality Herbs & Spices!
  • Great on Everything! Grilling, Smoking, Roasting, Cooking, or Baking! By: Big G's Food Service
  • Once You Buy Big G's Famous Chili Powder... You Will Not Buy Another Brand Again!!.

Details: Big G's Famous Chili Powder Is made with the Finest Ingredients To Compliment any Meal!! Big G’s Famous Chili ½ Cup Olive Oil 1 Medium Yellow Onion – Diced 2 Garlic Cloves Diced 1lb Lean Ground Beef 1/2lb Sausage 4 Tablespoons Big G’s Famous Chili Powder 2 Tablespoons Big G’s Famous Ground Cumin 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar 1 Tablespoon Big G’s Famous Sea Salt & Garlic 1 Tablespoon Big G’s Famous Ground Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper 1 Teaspoon Big G’s Famous Ground Cayenne Pepper 16 Oz Beef Broth 2 6oz Can Tomato Paste 2 14.5oz Cans Diced Tomatoes NOT DRAINED 1 46oz Can Tomato Sauce 2 15.5oz Cans Pinto Beans Drained 1 15.5oz Can Kidney Beans Drained 1 4oz Can Mushrooms Pieces & Stems Drained 1.Add Oil, Onion & Garlic Cloves in Skillet – Sautee (5 Minutes) Scoop Out Set Aside, Keep Oil In Pan. 2.Add Ground Beef, & Sausage breaking up with W/Wooden Spoon – Cook Until Brown. Add Onion & Garlic Cloves back to Skillet and mix together (1 Minute) Scoop & Drain in Colander or Paper Towel. Discarding the oil. Add Hamburger, Sausage, Onion & Garlic to Stock Pot. 3.Add To Stock Pot: Beef Broth, Tomato Paste, Diced Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Pinto Beans (Drained), Kidney Beans (Drained), Mushrooms. Turn Burner onto Medium Heat. 4.Add To Stock Pot: Big G’s Famous Carolina Reaper Chili Powder, Ground Cumin, Sea Salt & Garlic, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Ground Cayenne, Brown Sugar. Stir Until Mixed Very Well. 5.Bring To Boil Stirring every 5 Minutes. Turn Heat Down To Low and Let Simmer for 1-2 Hours Stirring every 15 Minutes. Variation: Use Big G’s Famous Carolina Reaper Chili Powder For Hot Batch. 1.Can Substitute Meat For Any You Like ex: Deer Meat, Elk, Lamb Brisket, Bacon, Pork etc

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