Cajun Bourbon Chicken Sauce

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Brand: Big G's Food Service


  • ✅ Big G's Famous Bourbon Chicken Served w/Beans & Rice at Fairs and Festivals!
  • ✅ Awesome Sauce on Any Meat, Salad, Rice, Beans, Vegetables, Etc.
  • ✅ Use as a Finishing Sauce on the Grill as a Bourbon Glaze!
  • ✅ Big G's Famous Blaisin' Bourbon Sauce is a Family Favorite!!
  • ✅ Award Winning Flavor in Every Bottle! Awesome Heat!

Details: Big G’s Famous Original Bourbon Sauce is the original sauce Big G's Food Service serves at Fairs, Festivals, Races, Concerts, Rodeos, and Special Events throughout the year. You can make Big G's Famous Bourbon Chicken at your next family dinner. This is the Original Sauce that will satisfy any Appetite! Big G's Famous Bourbon St. Chicken w/Rice & Beans Recipe 1 16oz Bottle of Big G’s Famous Bourbon St. Sauce – (Original or Blaisin’) 5 Boneless Chicken Thighs or Breast 2 Cups of White Rice (Cooked) 2 16oz Cans of Pinto Beans 16oz Big G's Famous Marinade Directions: – (Makes 5 Servings) 1. Unpack Chicken and run under cold water to wash. Place Chicken in a zip lock bag or container large enough for marinade. Add Big G's Famous Marinade on top of chicken. Let stand in refrigerator for 30 minutes. 2. Preheat Grill immediately after you place chicken in the refrigerator. 3. Put your beans in a medium saucepan and cook on low. 4. Start your rice per instructions on the bag. 5. Place Big G’s Bourbon St. Sauce in a medium Saucepan on the stove Warm to 165 - 175 Degrees on Low to Medium Heat. (DO NOT BOIL) 6. Take your Chicken out of the refrigerator and place directly on the grill…discarding the marinade. Grill chicken until it is cooked. After Chicken is done cooking dice into bite sized pieces and place in Big G’s Bourbon St. Sauce that is simmering on the stove. Stir chicken and sauce until all the chicken is coated in the Bourbon St. Sauce. Let Stand off Heat for a Few Minutes to let sauce Soak into Chicken. 7. In a bowl or plate take a hearty scoop of rice and cover the bottom. Add Beans to on side of the rice (without bean juice). Take a scoop of Chicken with Big G’s Famous Bourbon St. Sauce and add to the other side – beside the beans. Add more sauce to coat the rice to your liking….ENJOY!!

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